It has been taking months since we started it, but our new website will be online very soon now. We are currently doing the last bits of work to get it ready…

What makes our new site interesting is our geographically dispersed team that has been working on it:
  • The content and PDF goodies were written in Canada
  • The overall site design was done in Belgium
  • The content management support - a wiki platform - was (and still is) being done in Germany
From the inception to the finish, this has been a great deal of fun (and work!) and it is a very exciting way of doing things! This is yet another example of how far you can get with a work tracker (like fogbugz), a wiki and skype;-)

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Atomikos Corporate Headquarters
Hoveniersstraat, 39/1, 2800
Mechelen, Belgium

T +3215613055

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