The Spring Framework and Spring Boot are great technologies, but what if you want to use Atomikos without Spring? Here is how to do it:

Batch applications

  • Use com.atomikos.icatch.jta.template.TransactionTemplate (new since release 5.0) to demarcate transactions in your code.
  • Use com.atomikos.jms.AtomikosConnectionFactoryBean to connect to your JMS/XA broker.
  • Use com.atomikos.jdbc.AtomikosDataSourceBean to connect to your JDBC/XA database.
  • Use com.atomikos.jndi.AtomikosContextFactory to fetch the Atomikos datasource via JNDI, needed for Hibernate or JPA.
  • Use com.atomikos.jms.extra.MessageDrivenContainer if you want to process JMS messages.
  • Use com.atomikos.jms.extra.JmsSenderTemplate implementations to send JMS messages.

Web applications

Use the Atomikos Tomcat integration to access Atomikos as the built-in JTA and JDBC/JMS provider in Tomcat.

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