Release notes for the 5.0.81 release of ExtremeTransactions.

179080: JtaAwareThreadLocalConnection: closing proxy should not call markClosed - so recycling is allowed

When using and closing the non-XA connections in JTA mode, reusing the same connection in the same transaction was impossible due to the connection being marked as closed. This has been fixed.

179060: Connection recycling bug in localTransactionMode

Some of the inconsistent logic for non-XA (fixed in 5.0.4) was still around for localTransactionMode, causing connection recycling (i.e., reusing the same connection in the same thread and transaction) to fail. This resulted in 2 connections being used, and 2 participants for the commit (which in turn meant 2-phase commit). The net effect: failing prepare and no commit allowed. We've fixed this.

179070: ClassCastException in non-XA when connection in localTransactionMode is reused in a JTA transaction

There was an exception when trying to do the following:

  1. Use a non-XA connection in localTransactionMode, without any transaction context
  2. Return the connection to the pool for reuse
  3. Start a JTA transaction
  4. Try to reuse the same connection from the pool

This was due to remaining state from step 1, causing the last step to fail with a ClassCastException. This has been fixed.

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