Introducing… REST/ACID transactions across microservices!

158377: Support ACID transactions across REST (micro)services

See the examples-jta-rest sample for a working demo…

162082: Sub-transaction bug: no recovery coordinator for local sub-transactions

Fixed a bug where local sub transactions would not be recovered.

162083: XID recovery for imported ("recreated") transactions: wrong coordinatorId

Fixed a bug where imported transactions would sometimes not get the right coordinatorId for recovery.

162087: Imported transactions get same coordinatorId as the root

Improved the import mechanism for microservice transactions to ensure correct recovery in all cases.

162532: LogCloud service: add log alert when approaching out-of-memory

Added a log warning when there an out-of-memory is approaching.

162596: LogCloud recovery of TCC interferes with XA recovery

Improved mixed recovery where the Main.LogCloud would interfere with XA recovery.

162685: Refactor RMI examples to use LogCloud

We now show the Main.LogCloud in the examples with RMI.

162772: Add JMX support for non-xa datasource

JMX is now also supported for non-xa datasource instances.

162773: Add option to disable startup if resource not available

Our datasources now have an optional failOnInitIfDatabaseDown setting, and the AtomikosConnectionFactoryBean has a similar failOnInitIfBrokerDown option - both of which will make the init fail if the backed resource is not available at the time of init.

162771: Spring support: also init/destroy JMX beans

We've added support for managing JMX beans in our Spring integration - so you don't have to.

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