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157457: XaResourceRecoveryManager: log XID in same format as XAResourceTransaction

The new recovery module logged XIDs in a different format than the OLTP logic did, which was confusing to read. We've now aligned them.

157119: Log stack trace of thread that leads to transaction timeout

Timeout / setRollbackOnly of an active transaction now also shows the stack trace(s) of any threads that were active in the transaction - so it is easier to find out what is causing the timeout.

157408: Clarify log warning message if timeout is maxed

Improved the warning message by also suggesting what can be done to avoid it.

141026: CleanupPendingTransactionContextFilter: add INFO logging

Added useful extra logging to show what is going on.

156021: LogCloud: print / show generated RMI url so client configuration is easier

The LogCloud service now displays the RMI address on which it is available - so clients are easier to configure.

156982: LogCloud requires different UniqueIdMgr implementation

We've improved the way that transaction identifiers are generated so the probability of collisions in cluster deployments is minimised.

157196: Add logging to AtomikosApplicationContextAware

Our Spring integration module now also logs what it is doing, in what order.

157485: Spring integration: allow integrating the UserTransactionServiceImp in the right order

It is now also possible to include the UserTransactionServiceImp with our built-in Spring integration - so you can tune the init properties inside your Spring config.

Available to customers only. Want to become a customer?

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