Support update: from August 15 to (including) September 2 2018 we will be available for production support only. In particular, free trial support and development support will not be available during those days due to reduced staffing constraints. Thank you for your understanding!
Release notes for ExtremeTransactions 4.0.3

151740: Transaction log corrupted for active transaction in a thread pool being shutdown

We fixed a bug in our new logging / recovery where the log would get corrupted in certain cases. For the full report, see this forum post:

152791: Add log error message to point to documentation concerning heuristics

We now log a pointer to our documentation when there are heuristic errors, so it's easier for operations people to know what to do.

150134: Failing demo: examples-jta-spring-jmx

Fixed a demo that would no longer run.

150135: Failing demo: osgi/extreme-transactions examples

Fixed a demo that would no longer run.

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