These are the release notes for ExtremeTransactions 3.9.32

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147443: Add support for Log4j2

Added automatic detection of Log4j2 in the classpath

24346: AtomikosDataSourceBean property to avoid TMJOIN by delaying XAResource.delistment until commit time

The more exotic TMJOIN behaviour is now disabled when setting supportsTmJoin=false on the AtomikosDataSourceBean class. This increases compatibility with SQLServer and also increases performance for transactions that have multiple statements going to the backend with "aggressive connection release" in ORM tools like Hibernate.

149031: JDBC purge closed statements: avoid looping if driver does not support isClosed

When the JDBC driver does not support the isClosed method then the list of open statements will keep growing in the AbstractConnectionProxy class. This in turn will lead to expensive and useless iterating over an ever-growing list of statements for every statement being created. This is bad for performance and causes up to 80% of the execution time being spent in the purging method doing useless iterations.

We now stop trying as soon as the isClosed call throws any exception. While the list of statements still keeps growing, we at least avoid iterating uselessly.

148782: MSDTC crashes with aggressive connection releasing and extensive TMJOIN usage

MSDTC creates "orphaned" resources on the XAConnection when TMJOIN is used. With a lot of these, the MSDTC server can crash. You can now avoid this by setting supportsTmJoin=false on the AtomikosDataSourceBean.

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