These are the release notes for ExtremeTransactions 3.9.30

143963: AtomikosDataSourceBean: add "supportsTmJoin" config option so TMJOIN can be disabled

A specific usage pattern of our datasource (ds) may involve:

//start transaction
Connection c = ds.getConnection();
//DB Access 1: do stuff
c = ds.getConnection();
//DB Access 2: do more stuff
//commit transaction

By default, DB Access 2 will reuse the XA branch started by DB Access 1, via the TMJOIN flag (XA-specific). It should be possible to disallow TMJOIN and connection recycling when the database does not support it (like SQLServer).

The connection pool can retrieve/check this from the configured datasource properties before deciding to recycle a connection. This will effectively avoid TMJOIN, and DB Access 2 will use a new, different XA branch.

Highlights for how to make this work with SQLServer in terms of AtomikosDataSourceBean setup:


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