135247: 1-phase commit: treat XAER_NOTA as RollbackException

During 1-phase commit, some JMS brokers (ActiveMQ and other?) sometimes fail to recognise the Xid being committed. Instead of raising a needless heuristic (hazard) exception, this is now treated as internal timeout/rollback in the resource, and merely yields a RollbackException instead.

This is important when used with Spring's message listener containers because Spring will attempt to commit if there is no message on the queue, leading to a 1-phase commit where this can happen.

135035: Extend XAResourceTransaction.toString() to show extra details

To improve the interpretation of the output of our LogUtil, it helps if extra details are shown - so the toString() method now returns output like this:

XAResourceTransaction: 7075626C697368657230303030313030303031:7075626C69736865723131 [IN_DOUBT in resource amq1]

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