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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a real FAQ, and also a demo of an easily implemented knowledge-base solution. To see how it's done, view the source of this topic.

  • How can I create a simple data form based application? Answer
  • How do I delete or rename a file attachment? Answer
  • How do I delete or rename a topic? Answer
  • I would like to install Foswiki on my server. Can I get the source? Answer
  • Why does the topic revision not increase when I edit a topic? Answer
  • Foswiki has a GPL (GNU General Public License). What is GPL? Answer
  • I've problems with the WebSearch. There is no Search Result on any inquiry. By clicking the Index topic it's the same problem. Answer
  • What happens if two of us try to edit the same topic simultaneously? Answer
  • So what is this WikiWiki thing exactly? Answer

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