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The Atomikos JTA (Java Transaction API) / XA (Distributed Transaction Processing XA Specification) community consists of volunteer technology experts, users, and customers in addition to the core Atomikos technical team. This community plays a central role in the evolution of Atomikos technology; donating or sponsoring new functionality that enhances our joint baseline.

Most Wanted Contributions

The Atomikos Community needs your help. Contributions in the following areas are welcomed (list presented in increasing order of complexity & difficulty):

  1. Write a blog about us
  2. Bug reports
  3. Usage problems, clarity issues
  4. Improved Documentation
  5. Help other users in our forums
  6. Configuration examples for third-party products
  7. New feature donations (we have a mirror repository on GitHub that you can fork)

Becoming a Member

We have two different communities: the forums and the documentation (wiki). Each system has a separate username and password registry...

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