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Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® - Open Source JTA/XA

"Atomikos rocks. Thanks to Atomikos we can run all functionality tests from main() with the same result as in the target appserver ... and my development turnaround time has decreased greatly."


For quick and dirty proof-of-concepts we offer an unsupported and limited open source edition of our transaction management system offering basic support for JDBC/XA pools, JMS/XA pools and JTA/XA to enable functional testing of transaction processes outside of the application server. Simple to install, implement and use and requires no additional services. Note of caution: Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® is not a commercially supported product; subscribe to Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® if you are seriously considering Atomikos (WhyBuy?).


Key Benefits

  • No cost
  • Documentation
  • Easy to Download and Use
  • Ideal for Education Projects
  • Improve the Reliability of Open Source Development Projects
  • Reduce the Costs of Prototyping
  • Test Outside the Application Server
  • Backed by an Active Community

Key Features

Supports JEE

No need for an application server.

Java Transaction API (JTA/XA)

Defines transactions in Java.

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

Built-in connection pooling supports virtually any vendor driver and offers optimal performance.

Java Message Service (JMS)

Enables the use of any queuing system with JMS capabilities.

Full recovery

Recover from system crashes or restart without compromising data integrity or correctness.

Read-only optimization

Minimize overhead required for read-only transactions

Nested (sub)transactions support

To control the scope of rollback.


Runs inside your application's Virtual Machine for maximum performance and ideal scalability.

Integrates with Spring, any Java application or web application server


Permits automatic forwarding of incoming JMS messages to your application

Professional services, support & maintenance

Not available for this product; requires simple upgrading to Atomikos’ commercial enterprise software product, Atomikos ExtremeTransactions®. spacer
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