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Instantly become a next-generation transaction management expert - ready to tackle the cloud and microservices! TransactionsEssentials is our open source transaction management with JTA/XA and connection pooling for self-contained applications outside of the application server, ideal for your cloud. Simple to install, implement and use and requires no additional services. It's free because we want you to use it as much as possible so you can become a subject matter expert yourself. And to be honest: we also want you to be impressed and hopefully recommend us to your friends…

"Atomikos rocks. Thanks to Atomikos we can run all functionality tests from main() with the same result as in the appserver … and my development turnaround time has decreased greatly."

— Martin Vanek

Free Your Applications

FreeYourApps.png Transaction management has traditionally been exclusive to large, somewhat monolithic application containers like application servers or mainframes. Back in 2006 already, we were the industry's first to move the other way, towards embeddable transaction management - and invented JEE without application server. Ever since then, lean and self-contained applications have been the central theme in everything we do.


  • - JTA/XA
  • - JDBC/XA pools
  • - JMS/XA pools
  • - Event-driven JMS processing
  • - Full XA crash & restart recovery
  • - Read-only optimisation
  • - 1 phase-commit optimisation
  • - Nested transactions
  • - No application server required
  • - Made for embedding into your stack
  • - Extensible framework for advanced use

Seamlessly Upgrade (If You Want To)

TransactionsEssentials will always be free, but if you ever want our professional support then you can seamlessly upgrade to our commercial drop-in replacement: ExtremeTransactions. The choice is yours…

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