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Atomikos Customers in Main
AtomikosCustomers Our customers span a broad number of industries and market sectors. Atomikos customers are typically embracing Service Oriented Architectures (SOA ...
AtomikosImages in Main
Atomikos Images This page contains the images that the other pages refer to. Upload Local file: Comment: ...
ReleaseNotes in Main
Release Notes Customer releases are restricted to paying subscribers. Interested in subscribing? Checkout BuyOnline... 4.0.x Release Accessibility 4.0 ...
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WikiUsers in Main
List of nop Atomikos users Below are the contributors to the Atomikos documentation wiki. If you want to edit topics or see protected areas of the site then you can ...
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EdwardSn in Main
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ExtremeTransactions 3.9.11 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot11 122464: Tomcat demo app fails to find transactions tomcat jar in our maven repo Fixed the Tomcat demo so it works out of the box. 122465 ...
MavenRepository in Main
MavenRepository As of release 3.9, commercial customers need to configure their settings.xml to connect to the Atomikos maven repository or the jars for the release ...
ExtremeTransactions 3.8.7 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot8dot7 123322: Avoid logging overhead for (root) transactions with only one participant Transactions with only 1 participant (or resource) will ...
ExtremeTransactions 3.9.10 in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot10 123502: Deadlock on multi threaded JMS connection use Fixed a deadlock condition when multiple threads use the same JMS connection, ...
AraTatous in Main
ExtremeTransactions 3.9.9 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot9 123312: Unexpected XAException errorCode during 1PC commit: avoid retrying commit Exceptions during 1 phase commit used to generate useless ...
ExtremeTransactions 3.9.8 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot8 123322: Avoid logging overhead for (root) transactions with only one participant Transactions with only 1 participant (or resource) will ...
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Buy Online: ExtremeTransactions Subscription Pricing in Main
BuyOnline Help us offer TransactionsEssentials for free! We're a small company with no VC money to burn, so we try our best to offer a fair pricing model that is ...
PraveenK in Main
Main in Main
Reliability through Atomicity: manage your distributed transactions and protect your mission critical data News More news... Products Solutions ExtremeTransactions ...
About Atomikos in Main
AboutAtomikos Welcome! We offer transaction management for eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and open source environments. ...
PurchaseForm in Main
Purchase Form Our payment processing is done via PayPal (but you don't need a PayPal account to pay). Use the subscription button below to setup your purchase. Professional ...
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ExtremeTransactions 3.9.7 in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot7 119171: Built in Tomcat Integration We now support built in tomcat integration as follows: A built in lifecycle listener to start ...
LamourRoberts in Main
Solutions for ISVs and OEMs in Main
ForSoftwareVendors Independent software vendors (ISVs) who must adhere to JTA or reliability standards for web services transactions also find value in the ExtremeTransactions ...
AtomikosSideBar in Main
AtomikosSideBar Sidebar sections for the Atomikos pages in this web. Use Set SIDEBAR sidebar name on a topic to use the specific sections. See also SiteSideBar ...
Download ExtremeTransactions® in Main
The benefits and features of this product are available only to paying subscribers. To get instant access, subscribe here. Not sure about buying yet? See WhyBuy.. ...
WhyBuy in Main
Why Buy? Why should you buy a subscription to ExtremeTransactions when you are convinced that TransactionsEssentials contains all the features you need? Here are some ...
AtomikosRegistration in Main
ATTENTION: Registered wiki users will be considered for contribution to the Atomikos Documentation wiki pages. Registered wiki users agree to sign the Atomikos Contributor ...
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ExtremeTransactions 3.9.6 in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot6 118604: Improve class loading with "custom" class loader as first option for OSGi and JMX environments Tuned class loading to fix warnings ...
Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® in Main
ExtremeTransactions "I can say first hand that Atomikos is the way to go if you are looking for out of container XA capable JTA transactions." www.infoq.com/news ...
SaifAhmadSiddiqui in Main
Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® Support in Main
SupportOverview Atomikos offers professional support to customers who purchase ExtremeTransactions. The support process is easy: just follow the steps outlined on ...
Products Overview in Main
ProductsOverview Atomikos is the market leader in transaction management for XTP, SOA and open source environments. Our commercial software offering, ExtremeTransactions ...
ThomasHop in Main
Atomikos Support Terms & Conditions in Main
TermsAndConditions If you are a RESELLER: make sure to pass on these terms and conditions towards your end customer! By purchasing, asking for and/or using customer ...
ExtremeTransactions 3.8.2 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot8dot2 105547: Timeout of active transaction generating too much log content We now avoid generating too much log content for timeouts. 72744 ...
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DocumentationGroup in Main
nop DocumentationGroup Contributors to the Documentation are listed below. All genuine requests for Documentation registrations are processed. This group is used to ...
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