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WhyBuy in Main
Why Buy? Why should you buy a support subscription to ExtremeTransactions when you are convinced that TransactionsEssentials contains all the features you need? Here ...
Atomikos Customers in Main
AtomikosCustomers Our customers span a broad number of industries and market sectors. Atomikos customers are typically embracing Service Oriented Architectures (SOA ...
Atomikos Solutions Overview in Main
SolutionsOverview Atomikos' next generation transaction management software is optimized for today's cloud technology environments, allowing you to build better quality ...
Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® in Main
TransactionsEssentials Open Source JTA/XA "Atomikos rocks. Thanks to Atomikos we can run all functionality tests from main() with the same result as in the target ...
Buy Atomikos ExtremeTransactions Support Subscription Pricing in Main
BuyOnline Help us offer TransactionsEssentials for free (while only paying for the support you need)! We're a small company with no VC money to burn, so we try our ...
General Conditions in Main
GeneralConditions Art 0: Definitions Unless explicitly defined otherwise, within the scope of this document and any dependent documents the following definitions ...
SrichakraMangipudi in Main
WikiUsers in Main
List of nop Atomikos users Below are the contributors to the Atomikos documentation wiki. If you want to edit topics or see protected areas of the site then you can ...
GollyHu in Main
IsuruMathangaweera in Main
SongQingxin in Main
HmxKsp435 in Main
RalfBn in Main
AtomikosImages in Main
Atomikos Images This page contains the images that the other pages refer to. Upload Local file: Comment: ...
Atomikos Support Terms & Conditions in Main
TermsAndConditions By purchasing, asking for and/or using customer support you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. You are not required to sign ...
JeromeArnal in Main
TermsAndConditionsForSoftwareVendors in Main
OEM Terms and Conditions For Software Vendors These conditions are applicable to our commercial OEM customers. Our support terms and conditions 'ASC' (available at ...
ExtremeTransactions 4.0.0 in Main
ExtremeTransactions4dot0dot0 UNDER DEVELOPMENT 4.0.0M5 135325: Remove HeuristicMessage support This feature is no longer needed in our modernised code base so we ...
LiangShuo in Main
MarcoAntonelli in Main
KrisKristin in Main
AmitAngarkar in Main
AnasAlSobeh in Main
ReleaseNotes in Main
Release Notes Customer releases are restricted to paying subscribers. Interested in subscribing? Checkout BuyOnline... 4.0.x Release Accessibility 4.0 ...
ExtremeTransactions 3.9.22 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot22 136943: PropertyUtils should support all Java primitive types Some primitive types were as yet unsupported, like long / byte / floating ...
WrightLiu in Main
KenSwanson in Main
PerJonsson in Main
LuisPollo in Main
ExtremeTransactions 3.9.21 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot21 136133: Closing a connection handle a second time should not affect intermediate reuse Under certain circumstances, closing a connection ...
MavenRepository in Main
MavenRepository Maven configuration with Atomikos repository As of release 3.9, commercial customers need to configure their settings.xml to connect to the Atomikos ...
Main in Main
Reliability through Atomicity: manage your distributed transactions and protect your mission critical data News More news... Products Solutions ExtremeTransactions ...
AnilKumar1593 in Main
Sh7WYfvoy1 in Main
RaaCcc in Main
WhichLicenseApplies in Main
Which License Applies to You? We use a number of different licensing schemes in harmony with our business model. This page explains which license applies to the Atomikos ...
AdilAbdulrazak in Main
ShengjiuWang in Main
Dy0RDlvzi8 in Main
ArnoldHak in Main
Ym3NOhonh9 in Main
ExtremeTransactions 3.9.20 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot20 135749: Module transactions writeahead: remove obsolete license check Our write ahead module contained an obsolete license check that ...
ErickGAN in Main
WillieSef in Main
ExtremeTransactions 3.9.19 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot19 135326: Document JMX configuration of log level for logback The configuration details to allow JMX level changes of the log level have ...
Aaabbb123Aaabbb123 in Main
FaafDafaf in Main
ShiveetaMattoo in Main
YuxinZhao in Main
ExtremeTransactions 3.9.18 [Customers Only] in Main
ExtremeTransactions3dot9dot18 135274: XAResourceTransaction.commit(): refine warnings on error Avoid useless log warnings and stack traces if there are errors on ...
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