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ExtremeTransactions 3.9.3

Improved OSGi support for write-ahead logging

The transactions-writeahead logging module is now a fragment bundle for OSGi - it can be added to the bundles of your OSGi runtime. If present, it will be picked up automatically for the logging.

Added positive log message when valid license found

When a valid license is found, this is now shown in the logs as INFO message.

Added JMX examples

An example that demonstrate the new JMX feature has been added. Capture décran 2014-02-07 à 18.19.17.png

115835: Bug in JmxTransactionManagerBean: logControl not initialized

Resolved an issue where in some cases the JmxTransactionManagerBean might not be initialized properly.

105547: Timeout of active transaction generating too much log content

We now avoid generating too much log content for timeouts.

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