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TOC{"Topic"} -- table of contents

  • Table of Contents. Shows a TOC that is generated automatically based on headings of a topic. Headings in WikiSyntax ("---++ text") and HTML ("<h2>text</h2>") are taken into account. Any heading text after "!!" is excluded from the TOC; for example, write "---+!! text" if you do not want to list a header in the TOC
  • Syntax: %TOC% OR %TOC{"SomeTopic" ...}%
  • Supported parameters:
    Parameter: Description: Default:Sorted ascending
    depth="2" Limit depth of headings shown in TOC 6
    "TopicName" topic name Current topic
    web="Name" Name of web Current web
    title="Some text" Title to appear at top of TOC none
  • Default settings are defined in DefaultPreferences, and can be overridden in SitePreferences
  • Examples:
     %TOC{"CompleteDocumentation" web="%SYSTEMWEB%" title="Contents:"}%
    See also: Foswiki:Support/HowToCreateATableOfContents
    TIP TOC will add an HTML anchor called foswikiTOC just before the table of contents. This enables adding a link from within a topic back to the table of contents to ease navigation. Example [[#foswikiTOC][Back to TOC]] creates Back to TOC.

    TIP If multiple headers have the exact same text, the anchors for the 2nd, 3rd etc will be suffixed by _AN1, _AN2 etc so the anchors become unique.

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