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JQREQUIRE -- enable a plugin on the current page

18 Jun 2015 - 20:02 | Version 1 |
This macro will load a list of plugins to be added to the current page. Use JQPLUGINS to display the list of available and active plugins. While loading a plugin, additional plugins it may depend on are loaded as well. Information about these dependencies is stored within the plugins themselves and can't be changed. Dependencies also make sure the javascript code is added to the html page in the right order. It uses ADDTOZONE to aggregate javascript and css at the right place on the html page.
HELP in case of an error JQREQUIRE will produce an inline HTML error message.


Parameter Description Default
"plugin,plugin,plugin" comma-separated list of plugins to be loaded  
warn (on/off) allows you to switch off warnings when a plugin was not found on


  • %JQREQUIRE{"easing,sliding,falling"}%



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