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GROUPINFO{"name"} -- retrieve details about a group

  • Syntax: %GROUPINFO%
    • Expands to: comma-separated list of all groups
  • Syntax: %GROUPINFO{"groupname"}%
    • Expands to: comma-separated list of users in that group
  • Parameters:
    format Format of a single user or group in the list.
    • $name expands to the group name, and (for users list only)
    • $wikiname, $username and $wikiusername to the relevant strings.
    • $allowschange returns 0 (false) or 1 (true) if that group can be modified by the current user.
    • $allowschange(UserWikiName) returns 0 (false) or 1 (true) if that group can be modified by the specified user (does not work for groups yet.).
    • The standard FormatTokens are also supported.
    $name for groups list, $wikiusername for users list
    separator separator between items in the list ,
    header Header for the list
    footer Footer for the list
    zeroresults If set, and there are no Groups or Members that can be shown, the header and footer are suppressed, and this text is output undefined
    show filter the output list of Groups - can be set to all, allowschange, denychange, allowschange(UserWikiName), denychange(UserWikiName) all
    expand Set false if users should not be expanded from nested groups. Default behavior is to expand all nested groups into a flat list of users. 1
    limit If set, limits the number of results to this infinity
    limited If limit is set, and the list is truncated, this text will be added at the end of the list

ALERT! Note: GROUPINFO will not list members that are hidden from the current authenticated user. If the current user does not have VIEW authority for a user's topic, then the user will not be shown as a group member.

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