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FORMFIELD{"fieldname"} -- renders a field in the form attached to some topic

  • Syntax: %FORMFIELD{"fieldname"}%
  • Supported parameters:
    Parameter: Description: Default:
    "fieldname" The name of a Data form field required
    topic="..." Topic where form data is located. May be of the form Web.TopicName Current topic
    format="..." Format string. $value expands to the field value, and $name expands to the field name, $title to the field title, $form to the name of the form the field is in. The standard format tokens are also expanded. "$value"
    default="..." Text shown if the field is defined in the topic, but the field value is empty. For example, a text field for which all the content has been deleted. ""
    alttext="..." Text shown if the field is not defined in the topic (even if it is specified in the form definition). For example, this is used when a field exists in the form definition, but the referring topic hasn't been edited since it was added. ""
    rev="n" Specifiy a revision of the topic. If not specified, defaults to the most recent rev (or the viewed rev if viewing an old rev of the same topic)
  • Example:
       default="(no project name given)"
       alttext="ProjectName field not found in form"
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