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Theme configuration

The different NatSkin styles are controlled using preference variables and can be set

Use the NatSkin Style Browser to preview the known styles and settings. Note that the selection made there will only last for the current session. You need to add the respective preference variables to your home topic or the WebPreferences or the SitePreferences to make the selection persistent.

This is the list of variables to configure the skin style:

(url param)
Values Description Default
NATSKIN_STYLE (style) atomikos, atomikos2 select a predefined style customato
NATSKIN_VARIATION (skinvariation) atomikos: frontpage, atomikos2: frontpage, landingpage select a style variation none
NATSKIN_LAYOUT (skinlayout) fixed, fluid, bordered select a page layout fixed
NATSKIN_MENU (skinmenu) on, off switch on/of the horizontal menu above the topic area on
NATSKIN_SIDEBAR (skinsidebar) left, right, both, off configure where to display the sidebar right

There are a couple of special url parameters:
  • togglesidebar: disable the sidebar for this request only.
  • style=reset: switch back to the user and server settings by reverting any session preferences

  * Set NATSKIN_STYLE = customato
  * Set NATSKIN_LAYOUT = fixed
  * Set NATSKIN_MENU = on
  * Set NATSKIN_SIDEBAR = right
  * Set NATSKIN_VARIATION = frontpage

Preference variables

There is a set of variables that can be used influence how NatSkin behaves or renders pages.

Name Description
CONTENT_LANGUAGE the language of the current topic; this is used by search engines like SolrPlugin to run different stemming procedures while indexing the topic (defaults to auto-detect)
HTMLTITLE the <title>... of the html page; if no HTMLTITLE is defined the NatSkin will check for some formfields (Headlines, TopicDescription) to be used as a html page title and back off to the topic name
HTMLTITLESEP the separator of items in the HTMLTITLE (defaults to a dash ('-'))
METAAUTHOR the value of this variable will be used to construct <meta name="author" … /> in the html head
METADESCRIPTION the value of this variable will be used to construct <meta name="description" … /> in the html head
METAKEYWORDS the value of this variable will be used to construct <meta name="keywords" … /> in the html head
TOPICTITLE the title to be used displaying a WikiWord link to the current page; this is set automatically using NatEditPlugin

Hint: Assign default meta data per web by adding

  * Set DEFAULT_METAKEYWORDS = keyword1, keyword2, keyword3

to the WebPreferences and add extra keyword data per topic like this

  * Set METAKEYWORDS = %DEFAULT_METAKEYWORDS%, keyword4, keyword5, keyword6

Caution: don't add meta data to your home topic because it will override all other meta data preferences.

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