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18 Nov 2013 - 23:07 | Version 1 |

"Mini" is a set of 144 GIF icons available for free use for any purpose.

The flag icon filenames follow the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes.


These Icons come from These Icons come from



action back.gif action forward.gif action go.gif action paste.gif action print.gif action refresh blue.gif action refresh.gif action save.gif action stop.gif application dreamweaver.gif application firefox.gif application flash.gif arrow down.gif arrow left.gif arrow right.gif arrow up.gif box.gif calendar.gif comment blue.gif comment delete.gif comment.gif comment new.gif comment yellow.gif copy.gif cut.gif date delete.gif date.gif date new.gif file acrobat.gif file font.gif file font truetype.gif flag blue.gif flag green.gif flag orange.gif flag red.gif flag white.gif folder delete.gif folder.gif folder images.gif folder lock.gif folder new.gif folder page.gif icon accept.gif icon airmail.gif icon alert.gif icon attachment.gif icon clock.gif icon component.gif icon download.gif icon email.gif icon extension.gif icon favourites.gif icon get world.gif icon history.gif icon home.gif icon info.gif icon key.gif icon link.gif icon mail.gif icon monitor mac.gif icon monitor pc.gif icon network.gif icon package get.gif icon package.gif icon package open.gif icon padlock.gif icon security.gif icon settings.gif icon user.gif icon wand.gif icon world dynamic.gif icon world.gif image.gif image new.gif interface browser.gif interface dialog.gif interface installer.gif list comments.gif list components.gif list errors.gif list extensions.gif list images.gif list keys.gif list links.gif list packages.gif list security.gif list settings.gif list users.gif list world.gif note delete.gif note.gif note new.gif page alert.gif page attachment.gif page bookmark.gif page boy.gif page code.gif page colors.gif page component.gif page cross.gif page delete.gif page deny.gif page down.gif page dynamic.gif page edit.gif page extension.gif page favourites.gif page find.gif page flash.gif page.gif page girl.gif page html.gif page java.gif page key.gif page left.gif page link.gif page lock.gif page new.gif page next.gif page package.gif page php.gif page prev.gif page refresh.gif page right.gif page script.gif page security.gif page settings.gif page sound.gif page tag blue.gif page tag red.gif page text delete.gif page text.gif page tick.gif page tree.gif page up.gif page url.gif page user dark.gif page user.gif page user light.gif page video.gif page wizard.gif table delete.gif table.gif tables.gif

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