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Which License Applies to You?

We use a number of different licensing schemes in harmony with our business model. This page explains which license applies to the Atomikos distribution you are using.

Paying subscribers

Paying subscribers enjoy the benefits of our ExtremeTransactions Production License.

Downloads from maven central and signed by Atomikos

If you are using a release that is downloadable from maven central and signed by Atomikos then the following license applies:

Source code repository access

If you are using Atomikos source code directly or indirectly forked from a public repository of the official Atomikos GitHub account ( then the Apache, version 2 applies:

All other source code repositories (including, but not limited to any Atomikos private repositories) are subject to the terms of our Source Code Access Agreement.

All other access

In all other cases, the license included in the download applies. In the absence of such a license (which may be the case for older releases), the ExtremeTransactions Development License applies.

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