IMPORTANT: if you're serious about using our software in production then we strongly recommend that you consider a commercial subscription so you have access to an enterprise-ready release with the latest bug fixes, extra enterprise features and guaranteed response to your support requests…

Step 1: Download Release 4.0.6

The jars are available in the central maven repository. There is no need to download explicitly: just download and run the examples below and you are done. The maven pom files of the examples are configured to select the highest available release.

NB: the beta phase of this release will last until September, 2016. If you are serious about going to production before that then stick to release 3.9 and consider a commercial subscription to get the support you need.

Step 2: Disable Startup Message

When you startup an unregistered download of TransactionsEssentials then you may see a warning in the console and logs:

Thanks for using Atomikos! Register at to disable this message and receive FREE tips & advice.

Disable this by setting the following init property: com.atomikos.icatch.registered=true in your JTA Properties file. If you don't use a property file (e.g., with Spring Boot) then you need to set this as a system property: -Dcom.atomikos.icatch.registered=true.

Step 3: Download Docs and Examples

Step 4: Share It!

Help us reach other people like you - by sharing your discovery!

Step 5: Register with the Atomikos Community

Join the Atomikos Community to get full access to our documentation and lots of extra resources, interact with like-minded people and post to the forums (also see why register)...

Step 6: Run the Examples

See How To Run The Examples...

Optional: Downloading If You Don't Use Maven

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