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Step 1: Download Release 5.0.8

The jars are available in the central maven repository. There is no need to download explicitly: just download and run the examples below and you are done. The maven pom files of the examples are configured to select the highest available release.

Step 2: Disable Startup Message

When you startup an unregistered download of TransactionsEssentials then you may see a warning in the console and logs.

Disable this by setting the following init property: com.atomikos.icatch.registered=true in your JTA Properties file. If you don't use a property file (e.g., with Spring Boot) then you need to set this as a system property: -Dcom.atomikos.icatch.registered=true.

Step 3: Download Docs and Examples

Step 4: Share It!

Help us reach other people like you - by sharing your discovery!

We do all we can to make your electronic transactions reliable! By recommending us, you help us grow our community which in turn helps sustain our free product. Thanks in advance! (Guy Pardon, Co-Founder and CTO)

Recommending us is easiest by starring our project on GitHub:

Step 5: Register with the Atomikos Community

Join the Atomikos Community to get full access to our documentation and lots of extra resources, interact with like-minded people and post to the forums (also see why register)...

Step 6: Run the Examples

  1. Download the examples
  2. How To Run The Examples...

Step 7: Start a Free Trial and Get:

  • Our support
  • Higher performance
  • Power features
  • Monitoring extensions
  • Support for elasticity and more

Free Trial

Optional: Downloading If You Don't Use Maven

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