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Open source software offers many advantages for today’s IT and software development organizations – especially in a challenging economy. Readily available and reliable open source components can help reduce development time and costs, provide immediate and innovative solutions to quickly resolve business challenges and fix problems, and are backed by the expertise of a worldwide technical community.

Based on our records, your organization has recently downloaded Atomikos’ market leading open source solution for transaction management, called TransactionsEssentials.

Your team has likely turned to our software to safeguard your transactions and protect against loss in the event of a system crash or failure. Atomikos’ powerful transaction management capabilities are especially critical for organizations with extreme transaction processing environments, where a failure may mean the loss or duplication of transactions – severely impacting revenue and creating customer satisfaction issues.

But our records also show that your developers are currently using an unsupported version of Atomikos.

Your organization likely has a policy that prohibits the use of unsupported open source software. Not having adequate support and maintenance measures in place surrounding the use of open source components creates a significant compliance risk for CTOs. This risk is magnified when an open source component is used in a revenue bearing or customer facing application, or one manipulates critical data.

Reduce Your Operational Risk and Protect Your Critical Transactions

Don’t allow your transaction management solution to go unsupported. Atomikos offers a number of services and support offerings that help CTOs protect their organization, reduce their risk and remain compliant, while maximizing transaction performance.

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Don’t allow your use of our powerful transaction management software to go unsupported. Purchase one of our support packages using our easy three-step program via our website's Support Overview.

About Atomikos

Atomikos is a market leader in transaction management for eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and open source environments. Atomikos’ software safeguards your critical transactions and prevents costly data loss or corruption in the event of a system failure or crash by automating the cancellation of failed business transactions.

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