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ExtremeTransactions = TransactionsEssentials + numerous bug fixes + extra power features in separate modules + support from the experts + operations tools

"Atomikos support is faster than pizza delivery!"

— Piotr Klimczak (Hubio)

With our massive free installation base out there, our expert support and power features are exclusively for ExtremeTransactions subscription customers. Reserve your subscription today so you get peace-of-mind and avoid last-minute project failures. The sooner you subscribe, the higher your return on investment because you'll maximise your team's productivity right from the start - especially if your project is still in the evaluation phase. (Guy Pardon, Founder and CTO).

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Price (Prepaid) excl. VAT ExtremeTransactions Professional ExtremeTransactions Basic ExtremeTransactions Self-Support TransactionsEssentials Open Source
Per Year 14500 Euro 7500 Euro 1500 Euro 0 Euro
For Whom? Deployments of significant size and/or visibility Deployments of medium size and/or visibility, can easily upgrade to latest Atomikos release (not for ISVs) End-customers with individual deployments, small size, low visibility, can easily upgrade to latest Atomikos release (not for ISVs) Community
Summary  Professional support with on-demand fixes Basic support with on-demand fixes Access to existing fixes, no on-demand fixes, no support Open source, no support
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