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It's time for Devoxx again, and we're going too (although we don't do booths any more). Guy Pardon will be around on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning so if you want to meet there, feel free to say hi smile

Hi all,

For those of you who are going to the SOA symposium in Rotterdam next month: if you're interested in meeting Atomikos staff members then be sure to check for Guy - who will be attending the conference.

Regards, Guy (himself;-)

I was at Devoxx (formerly Javapolis) today. Besides wandering around in the lobby (I prefer to talk to people there rather than listening to talks), the only presentation I attended was on the SpringSource dm Server. Joris Kuipers did a nice job on explaining how the OSGi modules work (I think I got it - more or less;-)

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be there too - so if you are around just make sure to say hi!

My J06 talk on WS-AT and WS-BA is now online here

Thanks to Stephan Janssen, Guy Crets and the rest of the BEJUG crew!


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