The vast majority of our users are relying on Atomikos to manage their transactions across disparate backend systems without the need for an application server.

So when should you consider paying? That's easy: if you are exchanging messages between systems that carry information that cannot easily be reproduced, or triggers expensive processes in the background. Some examples:

  • Money transfers between banking systems - if you lose these then you are losing money.
  • Stock/inventory updates - if you lose those then your inventory management is not reflecting the real situation.
  • Order messages: if you lose an order then - well - you're losing business.
  • Scheduling messages that trigger expensive processes: if these get lost (or worse, sent inappropriately or twice) then you risk a lot of useless process work.

In all of the above cases, you can't afford relying on an unsupported open source platform so I am sure you will want all the critical bug fixes included in ExtremeTransactions.

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