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Want to learn how you can manage transactions across independent REST services without being tied into a specific technology vendor?

A common and perceived alternative to JTA/XA transactions in messaging is the so-called Idempotent Consumer or Idempotent Receiver pattern.

This tech tip takes a closer look at what 'reliable' messaging means and how to achieve it. As we will see, it all depends on how you configure and use your JMS.

This tech tip explores some patterns for distributed transactions.

Transactions without app server - with power features and support!

Pod crashed? Transaction logs lost? Read this…

Exploring Apache Ignite
An Apache cache with JTA/XA support

31 Jul 2019 | Guy Pardon | Tech tips | , , ,

Looking to use Apache Ignite and its JTA/XA support with Atomikos?

Allow Subtransactions: Enable or Not?
What are the pros and cons of tweaking this parameter?

30 Jul 2019 | Guy Pardon | Tech tips | , ,

What are the pros and cons of tweaking this parameter?

Exactly-once delivery (processing) in Kafka? It's not as easy as claimed - read this to find out about the pitfalls…

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