Release notes for the 5.0.90 release…

181469: Fixed DB2 issue with currentSchema

The 5.0 release seemed to have an issue with IBM DB2's currentSchema. While the underlying cause is really some strange behaviour in the IBM connection, we've still fixed this via a workaround in our code.

181446: Camel demo showing a high-performance messaging bridge with XA

Added a new example project to show how to configure Camel with XA/Atomikos and our new batching message listener container - all in Spring Boot.

181347: Added missing javadoc + source jars in

Some people use the big zip file for installing our product and it seems the sources and javadoc were missing there. This has been fixed.

181221: Module transactions-spring: added init/shutdown ordering of our new BatchingMessageListenerContainer

It is now even simpler to configure batching JMS processing because you no longer have to worry about init / destroy ordering.

181426: DynamicProxySupport: log InvocationTargetException so camel cannot hide it

We've improved our proxies so we at least log exceptions that can be hidden by 3rd party frameworks.

181427: Log already in use: clarify message

We've clarified the exception message when you attempt to start a transaction manager with a transaction log that is still in use by a concurrently running instance.

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