Configuring Sybase ASE for XA

AtomikosDataSourceBean example

AtomikosDataSourceBean ds = new AtomikosDataSourceBean();
Properties p = new Properties();
p.setProperty ( "user" , "java" );
p.setProperty ( "password" , "java" );
p.setProperty ( "serverName" , "localhost-ase" );
p.setProperty ( "portNumber" , "5000" );
ds.setXaDataSourceProperties ( p );


Sybase ASE 15 is known to be working with driver jConnect version 5.5. Version 12.5 should be fine as well but has not been tested so far.

XA support is handled by Distributed Transaction Manager (DTM) which must be manually enabled in the DB before it can be used:

sp_configure enable dtm;
sp_configure enable xact coordination;

Also see here:

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