Configuring Microsoft SQL Server for XA

AtomikosDataSourceBean example

AtomikosDataSourceBean ds = new AtomikosDataSourceBean();
Properties p = new Properties();
p.setProperty ( "user" , "mssql" );
p.setProperty ( "password" , "microsoft" );
p.setProperty ( "serverName" , "localhost-mssql" );
ds.setXaProperties ( p );


SQL Server version 2005 Express with Microsoft JDBC driver version 1.2 is known to be working fine. The Microsoft JDBC driver version 1.1 has a lot of problems with XA support and is not supported.

Getting XA support in SQL server is no easy task.

You have to copy the sqljdbc_xa.dll inside SQL Server's binn folder then execute xa_install.sql as user sa as documented. You must also enable MS DTC's XA support and grant SqlJDBCXAUser role to your user as explained here:

Note to Windows XP users: Windows XP lacks some internal components related to DTC as discussed here: DTC. Microsoft has fixed this issue and released a Hotfix: . Microsoft has fixed this issue and released a Hotfix: . Unfortunately you cannot freely download it, you must call Microsoft support to get it. Also, it refuses to install on any non-English version of Windows. Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 are said to be unaffected by this problem.

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