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SCRIPTURL{"script"} -- URL of script

  • Syntax: %SCRIPTURL% OR %SCRIPTURL{"script"}%
  • %SCRIPTURL% returns the base URL of scripts - expands to http://www.atomikos.com/
  • Expands to: http://www.atomikos.com/script
  • Example: To get the authenticated version of the current topic you can write %SCRIPTURL{"viewauth"}%/%WEB%/%TOPIC% which expands to http://www.atomikos.com/viewauth/System/VarSCRIPTURL
  • cross In most cases you should use %SCRIPTURLPATH{"script"}% instead, as it works with URL rewriting much better
  • cross The edit script should always be used in conjunction with ?t=%GMTIME{"$epoch"}% to ensure pages about to be edited are not cached in the browser
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