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Try-Cancel/Confirm in Publications
TryCancelConfirm: Transactions for (Web) Services The technology mentioned in this article is now available as part of Atomikos commercial offerings you can download ...
Transactions for the REST of us in Publications
TransactionsForTheRestOfUs Even if a single idempotent interaction between one client and one RESTful Web service is reliable, it is not clear how to guarantee the ...
JEE Without Application Server in Publications
J2eeWithoutApplicationServer (JEE is Easy!) Abstract The JEE platform still remains a source of great complexity and cost, forcing many organizations to run various ...
Publications in Publications
Welcome to the Atomikos Publications wiki! Hi, This is the place to find a selection of publications all around Atomikos products. See also: Frequently asked ...
Reliable JMS with Transactions in Publications
ReliableJmsWithTransactions About JMS JMS (Java Message Service) is an interfacing technology to access message servers from within your Java or J2EE application ...
Distributed Transaction Patterns in Publications
DistributedTransactionPatterns This tech tip explores some patterns for distributed transactions. Suppose you have two processes (A and B) on two different machines ...
Container Managed Transactions for Servlets and JSP in Publications
ContainerManagedTransactionsForServletsAndJsp Tip: Container managed transactions for servlets/JSPs Everybody knows that EJB containers provide container managed ...
Web Service Transactions in Publications
WebServiceTransactions (Atomikos Talk at Javapolis 2006) Abstract There are a number of ongoing efforts to standardize the protocols needed for transactional interactions ...
Idempotent Jms Consumer Pitfalls in Publications
IdempotentJmsConsumerPitfalls A common and perceived alternative to JTA/XA transactions in messaging is the so called Idempotent Consumer or Idempotent Receiver ...
Transactional System.J2EE Applications With Spring in Publications
TransactionalJ2eeApplicationsWithSpring Abstract The Spring framework is one of today's most influential forces in the evolution of J2EE. View this presentation ...
Newsletter Archive and Unsubscribe in Publications
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Press Release in Publications
PressRelease Atomikos Named "Cool Vendor" by Leading Analyst Firm Vendors selected for the #8220;Cool Vendor #8221; report are innovative, impactful and intriguing ...
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nop Publications Web Preferences Set SITEMAPLIST on Set SITEMAPWHAT Papers, tech Tips, webminars and more Set SITEMAPUSETO Papers, tech Tips, ...
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