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Why Buy?

Why should you buy a subscription to Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® when you are convinced that Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® contains all the features you need? Here are some good reasons:

We Certify Your Stack - Not Ours!

Transactions are easy to misconfigure, and XA drivers are often buggy in unexpected ways - both of which are problems that are hard to detect by regular testing or code reviews. Only support subscribers have access to Development Support. We are also the only player in the industry that allows customized system configurations, i.e. without forcing you into the harness of a preconfigured application (server) stack that contains lots of technologies that you don't want or need. With Atomikos, you can pick your own and still have peace of mind.

Production Support and Certified Jars

Production support and hot fixes are only available to support subscribers. The support subscribers' jars and features are certified for quality and compatibility, including backward compatibility across minor (and of course maintenance) releases.

Extra Features and Benefits

Only support subscribers have access to the full set of features and benefits mentioned in Products Overview.

Services and Training

Only support subscribers are eligible for our services and training offerings.

Supporting the Community

Lastly, by purchasing a support subscription you are directly investing in the sustained development of our open source community! spacer

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