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With our massive free installation base out there, our expert support and power features are exclusively for ExtremeTransactions subscription customers. Reserve your subscription today so you get peace-of-mind and avoid last-minute project failures. The sooner you subscribe, the higher your return on investment because you'll maximise your team's productivity right from the start. (Guy Pardon, Co-Founder and CTO).

Kick-Start on Steroids

Get the ExtremeTransactions experience to kick-start your project on steroids: avoid unnecessary development and operations costs by using our built-in integration and performance features available to subscribers only. Some people only buy support when they go to production, but actually you will get more value for your money if you let us help you configure everything before that time - so the earlier you buy, the more you will get out of it.

Production Support and Certified / Hardened Jars

Production support and hot fixes are only available to Atomikos support subscribers. The support subscribers' jars and features are certified for quality and compatibility, including backward compatibility across minor (and of course maintenance) releases.

Power Features

Only support subscribers have access to the full set of features and benefits mentioned in Buy Online.

Services and Training

Only subscribers are eligible for our services and training offerings.

We Certify Your Stack - Not Ours!

Transactions are easily misconfigured, and XA drivers are often buggy in unexpected ways - both of which are problems that are hard to detect by regular testing or code reviews. Atomikos is the only player in the industry that allows customized system configurations, i.e. without forcing you into the harness of a preconfigured application (server) stack that contains lots of technologies that you don't want or need. With Atomikos, you can pick your own and still have peace of mind.

Supporting the Community

By purchasing a support subscription you are directly investing in the sustained development of our open source community!

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