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Atomikos Solutions Overview

Atomikos' next generation transaction management software is optimized for today's cloud technology environments, allowing you to build better quality applications, at less cost and in a shorter amount of time. Our software delivers benefit to many industries including financial services, ecommerce, etrading, energy/utilities, government, insurance, retail, supply chain, telecommunications, transport, and software vendors.

For eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP) environments, Atomikos offers JEE without the need of an application server. For SOA environments, Atomikos' patent-pending TRY-CANCEL/CONFIRM (TCC) approach is ideal for two phase, compensation-based transactions. ISVs can also embed Atomikos software into their commercial software applications and gain instant compliance to reliability standards and specifications such as JTA/XA. Last but not least: individual developers relying on open source can also benefit from our technology.

Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® is mature technology, field tested for a variety of configurations and large platforms, and backed by a commitment to open source. The software is perfectly scalable with no central node. The open source version, Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® as well as the commercial version Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® can be downloaded from our Atomikos homepage.

Read our CaseStudies to find out how Atomikos' products are being used. spacer

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