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Products Overview

Atomikos is the market leader in transaction management for XTP, SOA and open source environments.

Our commercial software offering, Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® safeguards your critical transactions and prevents costly data loss or corruption in the event of a system crash by automating the cancellation of failed business transactions. More...

For the open source community interested in a quick-and-dirty proof-of-concept, Atomikos also offers Atomikos TransactionsEssentials®: an open source version of our transaction management system offering basic support for JDBC/XA pools, JMS/XA pools and JTA/XA to enable functional testing of transaction processes outside of the application server. More...

Feature TransactionsEssentialsSorted ascending ExtremeTransactions[*]
Support / services / training
Maintenance updates
Premium JMX controls
Transactions over RMI
Transactions over SOAP deprecated
TCC (Try-Cancel/Confirm) ** beta
PDF Documentation
Certified jars with regression tests and backward compatibility tests across minor releases
Certified by Atomikos for your custom JDBC or JMS vendor configuration (Application Certification)
Extra performance focus
Virtualization focus
Fail-over focus
JDBC/XA pools
JMS/XA pools

= available and supported

= available but not supported

= not available

(*) For support subscribers only. Subscribers automatically get access to the full ExtremeTransactions offer.

(**) TCC Try-Cancel/Confirm is Atomikos® patented and patent-pending technology for compensation-based, service-oriented transactional systems.


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