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How To Run The Examples


  • Download the examples zip file
  • Unzip the archive
  • Open a command (terminal, shell, ...) window and cd into the unzipped folder
  • Run 'mvn install' in the demo folder of your choice

Exception: examples that use remoting

In addition to maven testing, the remoting examples have optional shell scripts that you can launch to run them. This is especially helpful if something goes wrong and you need to see detailed stack traces per JVM.

Exception: testing with a non-community release

If you want to run the examples against an evaluation or commercial release (version x.y.z) then you should specify the version like this:

mvn install -Datomikos-version=x.y.z

Exception: testing with a commercial release

See the MavenRepository page for how to configure your maven settings for transparent access to commercial releases. spacer

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