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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® Licensing Questions

1.1 Is the (open source) license viral?

No it is not. We use the Apache license, second version. You can use Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® in just about any way you like, without the need to open up the sources of your own work.

1.2 Can I bundle Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® in my closed source product?

Yes, the apache license clearly allows this. The more people use Atomikos TransactionsEssentials®, the better we like it.

1.3 What does the patent notice mean? Why does it say that I shouldn't implement the interface com.atomikos.icatch.Participant?

It is possible to implement the Participant interface in ways that may violate known patents and patents pending to which the Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® license does not (and cannot) grant the rights. This is particularly true in the case of web services. Although it is unlikely that anybody will want to do this, the warning is still there in the notice file. The built-in implementations of Participant (e.g., in the com.atomikos.datasource.xa package) do not violate any patents - at least not to our knowledge - so there is no need to worry.

1.4 Are contributions distributed as open source too?

All approved contributions are guaranteed to be distributed under the same open source (apache) license as Atomikos TransactionsEssentials®. Contributions by the Atomikos Community, for the Atomikos Community.

1.5 Why do contributors need to sign an agreement?

Approved contributions are guaranteed to be distributed under the same open source (apache) license as Atomikos TransactionsEssentials®. We ask contributors to sign an agreement for the following reasons:

  • So that Atomikos can publish the contributions as apache-licensed.
  • So that Atomikos can protect contributors from infringement law suits and other legal risks typical for open source projects.
  • So that Atomikos can represent the entire community in such legal affairs (without having to gather all contributors in court).
  • To keep patented code out of Atomikos TransactionsEssentials®, so that Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® can remain free and open.

In other words: the agreement allows Atomikos to protect and enforce the rights of the entire community. This is similar to what many open source organizations do, including Apache (to name just one).

2 Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® Licensing Questions

2.1 Is Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® open source?

No, it is not. Although based on our open source core, this product is closed-source and has a proprietary license. You may use this product only if you are a subscriber (see Buy Atomikos ExtremeTransactions Support Subscription Pricing). Educational licenses are available for approved institutions - mail us to find out more.

2.2 Can I evaluate Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® before buying?

No. We offer paid support and commercial value-added features that need to be configured with our help. Since we already develop and offer Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® for free, we cannot afford to also give free evaluation support for Atomikos ExtremeTransactions®, so free evaluations do not make sense.

2.3 Can I redistribute Atomikos ExtremeTransactions®?

Yes, if you have an agreement to do so. Redistribution agreements are available from Atomikos.

2.4 How does the pricing model of Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® fit virtualization?

Our prices are no longer based on core counts or CPU counts.

3 Support Questions

3.1 Is prior application certification required before we can get support?

No. This used to be the case but we've moved away from that because people did not like it. These days, we'll give you support as soon as you subscribe so there are no delays involved.

4 Other Questions

4.1 Why is Atomikos not in standards bodies like OASIS?

Although we did web service transactions before the term "web service" was invented, we are not in standards bodies like OASIS because we own important intellectual property rights that we would need to give up due to such membership (yes, we believe in IPR).

However, we are closely observing any standardization process related to transactions and history has proven that we are successful at supporting any standard that comes up. We are also glad to give feedback on such standardization efforts provided that it does not affect our IPR. spacer

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