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Solutions for ISVs and OEMs

Independent software vendors (ISVs) who must adhere to JTA or reliability standards for web services transactions also find value in the Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® transaction management system.

ISVs are able to embed Atomikos’ technology within their commercial applications allowing them to adhere to industry standards and specifications for Java transactions such as JTA/XA, build extremely reliable software products, and avoid the cost of building and maintaining their own transaction management system.

Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® technology is industry proven and has been selected by a large number of ISVs including Red Hat, Skyway Software, Software AG, and Intalio Webtide.

Benefits of OEM

  • Quickly and easily adhere to industry standards for Java transactions such as JTA/XA
  • Reduced costs – no need to write your own software, no support or maintenance burden
  • White label branding - distribute under your own name
  • Volume pricing and reduced TCO
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