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Transactions in the Cloud

The move to the Cloud is likely to drive more widespread adoption of service-oriented architectures (SOA). As a result, we can anticipate that infrastructure will be come more agile and applications will be deployed with unprecedented speed as the Cloud infrastructure will transparently allocate resources previously handled by IT administrative staff. Event the most common infrastructure services have the ability to be virtualized in this new Cloud-enabled world, running in the same or a different virtual machine from the application – scaling up and down as required.

In this environment transactions also become more distributed than ever, with demand rising for third generation transaction process monitoring technologies that are light-weight, embeddable, perfectly scalable and SOA capable.

Atomikos ExtremeTransactions offers a patent-pending Try-Confirm/Cancel (TCC) approach for managing two-phase compensation-based transactions. Regardless of the complexity of the transaction tree, or the business process, Atomikos ExtremeTransactions maintains a total awareness of the transaction and broad system involvement, automating recovery in the event of error or transaction failure.

Any error paths are taken out of the workflow and entirely handled by Atomikos. spacer

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