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Atomikos ExtremeTransactions®

"I can say first hand that Atomikos is the way to go if you are looking for out-of-container XA-capable JTA transactions."


Ensuring data quality and consistency in a fast moving transaction processing environment is incredibly challenging. When a crash or system failure occurs, how can you be assured of the safety of your mission critical data?

For CTO’s, architects and developers in Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP) or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments where data quality, scalability and performance is mission critical, Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® is a transaction management system that automates and manages both simple and highly distributed transaction processes, preventing costly data corruption in the event of a system failure or crash.


Key Benefits

  • Easy to maintain – focus on the happy path
  • Simple, streamlined and pragmatic technology – no application server required
  • Next generation agile enterprise Java
  • Improves your transaction reliability and data quality
  • Scalable and open

Key Features

Supports JEE

No need for an application server.

Virtually Unlimited Scalability for High Volume Transaction Processing

Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® can leverage a persistent JMS queue to store transaction requests for easy load balancing and crash resilience. Transactions stored in JMS are then processed by Atomikos ExtremeTransactions®, allowing for reliable and exactly once message processing. Moreover, Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® does not require any centralized server to do its work, thanks to its peer-to-peer architecture. To increase power even more, you simply add an additional Virtual Machine process on a separate CPU.

Revolutionary, Patent-Pending Try-Confirm/Cancel (TCC)

Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® patent pending TCC approach is optimized for two phase compensation-based transactions, significantly reducing workflow complexity. There is no need for the modeling of error paths, making the solution ideal for Service Oriented Architectures with composite applications and complicated transaction trees.

Java Transaction API (JTA/XA)

Defines transactions in Java.

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

Built-in connection pooling supports virtually any vendor driver and offers optimal performance.

Java Message Service (JMS)

Enables the use of any queuing system with JMS capabilities.

Full recovery

Recover from system crashes or restart without compromising data integrity or correctness.

REST support

Transactions can span different REST web services. Read our publication Transactions for the REST of us

Read-only optimization

Minimize overhead required for read-only transactions.

Nested (sub)transactions support

RMI compatible

Services do not have to be REST-based.


Runs inside your application’s Virtual Machine for maximum performance and ideal scalability. Distributed transactions are realized as a collaboration among the participating VMs.

Integrates with Spring, any Java application or web application server

You get freedom of choice regarding your runtime platform.


Permits automatic forwarding of incoming JMS messages to your application.

24/7 professional support

Developer support to boost your POC, production support to ensure business continuity and training to acquire in-house knowledge.

Pick Your Own Run-time Environment

Thanks to our vendor-independence you are free to choose your own run-time for either the virtual machine, databases, queues, SOAP stack, (web) container, ...

Free for Academic Purposes

Non-profit educational licenses available for approved institutions - Email us to find out more.

Patent Protected

Atomikos technology is protected by US patents 6671686, 8005805B2 and by several other, pending patent applications worldwide. spacer

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