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ExtremeTransactions 3.9.2

Fixed examples upload to website

For release 3.9.1, the examples could not be uploaded to the website. This should now have been fixed.

Improved OSGi compatibility of new modules

Some newer modules (atomikos-licensing and transactions-jmx) were not yet enabled for OSGi; this is fixed and illustrated with new OSGi examples.

OSGi demos have been restricted to ExtremeTransactions evaluators

Due to changes for compatibility with our new commercial functionality, the OSGi demos are no longer part of the open source demos.

Added system property to specify license file folder location

We've improved the way license files are looked up, by means of the system property com.atomikos.icatch.license_folder: if set, then the license manager will attempt to load the license file from this location rather than from the classpath.

OSGi documentation

We've added some documentation related to OSGi integration here. spacer

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