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ExtremeTransactions 3.7.8 [Customers Only]

87749: Support short properties in JDBC and JMS connectors

We've improved support for short properties that need to be converted from a text/XML configuration file.

75549: Optimize JTA performance

The UserTransactionManager class has a class-level synchronized block used for init purposes. We've added extra checks so this block is only executed if really needed. This optimizes performance by limiting the number of cases where threads will block each other.

68724: Memory leak in the JDK's ObjectOutputStream

We've added a reset of the underlying ObjectOutputStream for serialized logging, to avoid high memory consumption when the JDK keeps pointers to all previously serialized objects since the last checkpoint.

102827: Errors on close/delist lead to connection pool exhaustion

Fixed a critical bug where errors on delist would cause connection pool exhaustion. spacer

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