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ExtremeTransactions 3.7.4  [Customers Only]

84252: Hide warning on forceCloseAllPendingStatements

The logging noise in JDBC has been reduced significantly.

84253: Log warning in XAResourceTransaction if errors on prepare

Added warning to the log if prepare yields errors.

86779: Add optional property to NOT set timeout on XAResource so Oracle errors are avoided on recovery

The new 'propagateJtaTimeoutToXaResource' configuration property for JDBC and JMS now allows you to disable timeouts propagate via XA. For some vendor's XAResoure implementations this timeout seems to give problems and this property can serve as a workaround.

81146: Support vendor-specific flags on XAResource

Vendor-specific flags for starting a new XA branch as well as joining/suspending/resuming/ending an existing branch are now supported on the JDBC and JMS connector classes.

102830: Avoid logging user names and passwords in plain text

The new property 'xaPropertyNamesToHide' allows you to specify what vendor-specific XA properties should be hidden in the log entries. Typically, this would be used for sensitive information like passwords.

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