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ExtremeTransactions 3.7.3 [Customers Only]

84252: Hide warning on forceCloseAllPendingStatements

The logging noise in JDBC has been reduced significantly.

84253: Log warning in XAResourceTransaction if errors on prepare

Added warning to the log if prepare yields errors.

91719: UserTransactionFactory (JNDI): return UserTransactionManager rather than UserTransaction

This should make out-of-the-box integration with Tomcat and Spring easier.

96003: Bug in JmsSenderTemplate: for unanticipated exceptions during send, connections are not returned to pool?

Improved the way that unexpected errors are dealt with: the connections should be closed in those cases also.

86014: This UserTransactionManager instance was closed already

Improved behavior after close: only begin() now throws an exception. The other JTA methods are allowed to proceed with the intention of maximizing the chance of clean shutdown.

89030: Deadlock in JMS connection pooling mechanism

Removed synchronization issues among concurrent threads that could cause a deadlock.

93853: SingleThreadedJmsSenderTemplate does not recover from session error?

This should now also be fixed.

95466: Deadlock in transactions-messaging

Fixed a deadlock situation during shutdown.

80653: Enlisting two XAResources via JTA API fails for same backend

Checking for enlisted XAResources has been relaxed to allow more use cases than before.

95823: XAResourceTransaction.refreshConnection fails after recovery

Fixed a bug where hazard XA branches could not terminate due to connectivity failures after restart.

95886: CoordinatorImp.recover() returns false in the wrong cases

Improved the way recovery diagnoses itself - to avoid unnecessary log warnings.

85463: Bug in checkpointing: the last image flushed is not taken into account

This has been fixed.

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