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ExtremeTransactions 3.7.1 [Customers Only]

85290: Missing folders in 3.7.0 release

Corrected the documentation: removed obsolete references to folders that no longer exist in the 3.7 release.

85291: START_HERE refers to wrong team page

Corrected the link to the Atomikos team page in the release documentation.

85796: NPE when JMS server not reachable (using SingleThreadedJmsSenderTemplate)

This bug has now been fixed.

86040: Port fix for 80464

Ported fix for case 80464 - error on shutdown of MessageDrivenContainer.

86041: Port fix for 83599

Ported fix for case 83599: MessageDrivenContainer - add receiveTimeout property.

86090: TransactionsEssentials guide still refers to old OraXidFactory

Removed obsolete reference to OraXidFactory in the docs.

74730: RMI examples missing in 3.7.0 release

Added the RMI examples - missing in the 3.7.0 release.

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