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Application Certification

Via our consulting services (for advice) and development support, we can make sure that your system (application) is configured the right way:

Benefit: Certification of YOUR Stack - Not Ours!

  • Are all your resources compliant with the Atomikos XA requirements for recovery? JTA/XA standards do not specify all details and many vendor XA drivers are buggy, so this is crucial to getting good transactions support.
  • Are all transactions configured the way you think they are? Typical errors are: missing transaction boundaries, wrong XA configuration and more of these details that you will never have found out about before you have a crash and lose data.

In summary, this guarantees that you will be using a certified and supported configuration (including third-party products) for your production environment. This in turn guarantees that our production support will be able to offer the required stability your project deserves.

Unique Selling Proposition: Personalized Services

  • Unlike a one-size-fits-all stack (like most competitors do) we can give our customers a tailored, certified solution stack tuned for their specific needs.
  • This makes our solutions unique and ideal for applications that need to run in the Cloud.
  • This makes our solutions unique and ideal for applications that need to run as part of ISV/OEM offerings.
  • This also makes our solutions ideal for emerging economies (such as BRIC) that don't want to deal with the legacy infrastructure typically offered by JEE vendors.
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