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About Atomikos

Welcome! We offer transaction management for eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and open source environments. Atomikos’ software safeguards your critical transactions and prevents costly data loss or corruption in the event of a system failure or crash by automating the cancellation of failed business transactions.

The Meaning behind our Name

The Greek word 'atomikos' means atomic (in the sense of all-or-nothing), referring to this essential property of reliable transaction management. Our technology is designed to easily automate exception handling by canceling all inappropriately performed steps of a failing or failed transaction, even across different databases or systems.

Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® for the Commercial Market

For CTOs, architects and developers in eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP) or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Environments where data quality and performance are mission critical, Atomikos ExtremeTransactions® is a transaction management and connection pooling system that automates and manages both simple and highly distributed transaction processes, preventing costly data corruption in the event of a system failure or crash. Unlike first generation tools from IBM and Oracle, Atomikos’ next generation transaction management software is optimized for today’s Java-based technology environments. For XTP, Atomikos offers JEE without the need of an application server, and for SOA, its patent-pending TRY-CANCEL/CONFIRM (TCC) approach is ideal for two phase, compensation-based transactions.


Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® for Open Source

For system architects and developers in the open source community and software engineering educators who need basic transaction process monitoring capability, Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® is an open source version of our transaction management system that enables functional testing and rapid prototyping of transaction processes outside of the application server. Atomikos TransactionsEssentials® offers basic support for JDBC/XA pools, JMS/XA pools and JTA/XA and requires no additional services or training to install, implement or use.

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