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When Not To Use JTA/XA

The table below shows some cases where you can consider not using JTA/XA, and some trade-offs. In all other cases, JTA/XA offers significant benefits in terms of reliability and simplicity.

ScenarioSorted ascending Feasibility without JTA/XA JTA/XA benefits
Multiple queries in different back-end systems Possible, though correctness is not guaranteed Correct reads in all cases
Multiple resource accesses, but in same back-end system Safe if you use the same connection for each access - sharing data between different accesses may require thread-local manipulation of the shared connection handle, and commit handling is complex Data sharing is handled by XA
At most one resource access Safe, although system locks may keep the transaction pending Infinite locks are impossible
Many back-ends Not safe: only do this if you are willing to face data loss in case of a crash No data loss or corruption
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